Mahogany Programs

Did you know that CMCA members can register for Mahogany HOA programs at a discounted rate? The Mahogany HOA offers a variety of seasonal programs related to sports, fitness, art, and STEAM for both youth and adults. In addition to these programs, there are also drop-in sports, summer camps and workshops. There truly is something for everyone! The best part is that all programming takes place at the Mahogany Beach Club, making it a convenient commute for Copperfield residents who are members of the CMCA.

Once again, these programs are inclusive and open to everyone; resident or non-resident. However, CMCA members receive a discounted rate to thank them for their commitment to our neighboring communities. Essentially, the CMCA membership nearly pays for itself with the purchase of a single MHOA summer camp. So, it’s a pretty good deal for parents especially!

So, How Do I Register?

The Mahogany HOA uses Ivrnet Central to host its user profiles and register participants for programs. First-time users of Ivrnet Central, Copperfield residents, and Non-Residents will need to create a new user profile if they’ve never had an account, or registered for a program before. In order for CMCA members to get the discount, you will then need to contact the MHOA office in person or by calling 403-453-1221, or by email at with proof of your CMCA membership (which you can download from your online account). The MHOA will then adjust your account to reflect the CMCA discount on future purchases.

To prove your CMCA membership, please provide email confirmation to or in-person with your physical CMCA membership card at the Mahogany Beach Club reception.

This is a one-time set-up for your profile, and you can then register for programs on your own after that. To continue to get the CMCA discount in future years, CMCA members must update their member number and expiry date each year with the HOA office.


Programs & Marketing Coordinator
403-453-1221 ext.4

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